Target Markets

Aragon Holdings’ (“Aragon”) investment strategy is to acquire income producing multi-family assets, in U.S. cities that are exhibiting stable and improving employment and population growth.   Acquisition focus is on “A” and “B” quality assets, in locations that feature strong infill dynamics, established competition and high barriers to entry.   For economies of scale, Aragon targets stabilized multi-family properties of over 200 units in size.

Aragon constantly looks for opportunities to increase cash flow by physical and management improvements.   To evaluate opportunities, Aragon studies completed improvements within the subject property, and/or similar properties in the area, to determine which improvements have shown the best rental increases and customer satisfaction.

Aragon’s acquisition activity has created a reputation for assured property closings with local and institutional sellers, brokers and lenders across the nation.   Consequently, Aragon has developed a consistent and robust pipeline of acquisition opportunities, and continues to be placed at the “front of the line” for both off-market and broker listed properties.