Oxford Hills

St. Louis, MO

St. Louis, known as the “Gateway to the West,” is centrally located within the United States at the nexus of the national highway and rail systems, the confluence of the Mississippi, Missouri and Illinois Rivers, and within 500 miles of one-third of the U.S. population.   With an approximate population of 2.8 million, it is the largest MSA in Missouri, the 19th largest MSA in the U.S., and the 4th largest MSA in the Midwest.

The central location of St. Louis creates an attractive economic environment for a highly diversified employment base.   It is home to 19 fortune 1000 companies, of which are focused in technology, healthcare and manufacturing.   The region continues to attract young, educated people drawn by employment opportunities as well as its transportation infrastructure and an educated population.

St. Louis offers a wealth of outstanding schools, both public and private.   Premier institutions such as Washington University (15 minutes east of Oxford Hills), Missouri Baptist University (just 6 miles southeast Oxford Hills), the University of Missouri-St. Louis, and St. Louis University (18 minutes east of Oxford Hills) lead the list of higher education choices.