Abaco Key

Abaco Key is a 373 unit apartment complex built in 1995, located directly adjacent to the Walt Disney World Resort on State Road 535.   It is just minutes away from the surrounding hotels/resorts and retail centers.   The property is also located within close proximity to Interstate 4, which provides direct access to downtown Orlando.   In addition, Abaco Key is approximately 15 minutes from the Orlando International Airport.

Situated directly behind Abaco Key is the Golden Oaks development which began construction in 2011.   The project, which marks the first time Disney is selling fee simple land interests, includes 450 single family homes ranging from $1.5mm to $8mm.   In addition, the development will be home to a new Four Seasons Hotel, containing 444 rooms with a estimated construction budget of nearly $1 billion.   This project will not only further bolster the desirability of the immediate neighborhood, but also provide approximately 900 new service/hospitality jobs, which will appeal to the tenant base of Abaco Key.


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