About Aragon Holdings

Aragon Holdings (“Aragon”) principals saw the multi-family apartment opportunity in 2008, and since then has acquired over 15,000 apartment units in twelve (12) major metropolitan cities, within eight (8) states across the U.S.   Aragon has assets under management (AUM) of nearly $2B.

Aragon’s team is comprised of Real Estate, Fund Management and Financial professionals, that collectively have over 75 years’ experience successfully acquiring, building, developing, financing and operating commercial and residential real estate.   Aragon’s principals have worked together over 20 years, and personally invest substantial equity in each partnership and Fund.   Prior to forming Aragon, the principals grew their previous real estate company, Diamond Key Homes, Inc., to be recognized as one of the Top 20 Fastest Growing Companies in the nation (“The INC 500”, 1995).

Aragon’s priority is the preservation of investor capital.   It is Aragon’s belief that in today’s market, multi-family investments provide the most attractive, risk adjusted returns, when compared to other commercial real estate investments.   Aragon’s investment model requires its properties to generate current monthly “cash on cash” returns for its investors, rather than rely upon highly speculative “back end” projections.   Since 2008, Aragon has distributed to its investors, monthly “cash on cash” returns in excess of the “Preferred Return” and realized investor IRR’s, on sale or refinancing, of over 20%.   To date, all of Aragon’s Funds and partnerships have met or exceeded projected investor returns.

Aragon’s acquisition activity has created a reputation for assured property closings with local and institutional sellers, brokers and lenders across the nation.   Consequently, Aragon has developed a consistent and robust pipeline of acquisition opportunities, and continues to be placed at the “front of the line” for both off-market and broker listed properties.

Aragon believes that the growing propensity to rent, rather than own, will keep the multi-family market continuing to outpace other real estate sectors, with increases in both occupancy and rents.   Additionally, with favorable multi-family financing and interest rates at historical lows, Aragon believes investing in multi-family assets will continue to produce superior, risk-adjusted returns.